Ditch’d (Enjoy the Silence)

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This is a game about spending time with people you like, as well as people you are supposed to like, but do not. Four couples are sitting together at a social event, pretending everything is fine.

Ditch’d can be played either as a traditional larp, as a jeepform game, or – preferably – both. It was originally designed as a way to explore the strengths and weaknesses, the similarities and the differences, between the two playing styles. As a larp, it runs on the small, disturbing undercurrents of keeping up appearances, as a jeepform it plays on showing all the problems that really are present.

About: 8 players (can be run with 7 with ”L” being away)
Playing time: 2×45 minutes
Capsule summary: A game of conversations, with a feeling of lost opportunities
Premiered: RopeCon, 2009

Webbsida: http://jeepen.org