Modern (Bakom varje övergrepp finns en mamma)

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The game is about a family just like yours. Except not quite. It is about a family where the mother turns a deaf ear to what’s happening, denies the footsteps outside her daughter’s room when she is sleeping in front of the TV. The door opening. Closing. Abuse that’s been going on for as long as her daughter can remember. Perhaps from the very beginning.

The game is about a mother that somehow sacrifices a child that she loves. About a child screaming for help, starving herself. And about a father that’s living an OK life. Really.

And is it really so simple to do the right thing. Even after you turned away once?

Players: three, no GM
Playing time: approx. 1 hour
Capsule summary: Simple, clean game with some powerful stuff. No abuse scenes or anything, just conversations and excuses.
Premiered: Fastaval, 2008