White-Out: Las Vegas

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The scenario in short: Four Elvis impersonators wade through shit in high Quentin Tarantino style. This is a feel-good scenario with a lot of go-go-go where the players get to feel good and maxed-out afterwards.

We have four Elvii; ”Asian Elvis”, ”Pill Elvis”, ”Sex Elvis” and ”Hero Elvis”. They begin in a shitty American smalltown, with the sights ostensibly set on an Elvis convention in Las Vegas. It’s been two years since the King passed away and religious Elvis fanatics make Elvis sightings every now and then. ”Elvis saved my daughter from drowning!” the headlines scream. The scenario is a true railroad. The gamemasters’s task is to colour the game with people, places and frothing oral digressions.

The layout was done by Martin Brodén.


4 players, 1 game master


3-5 hours

Capsule definition:

Elvii, crazy, Dolly Parton, comedy, weirdness


SydCon, 2001

Additional material needed:


Hemsida: http://jeepen.org